General FAQs

Integrity Home & Pet Care has officially been in business since November of 2021! The owner, Lyssa, is a third generation housekeeper. She has over 11 years of experience cleaning homes professionally. She also managed a pet store for 4+ years, and learned a lot from her opportunities in both fields!
Yes. Integrity Home & Pet Care LLC is bonded and insured. When a free consultation is performed, a copy of our business bond and liability insurance is on hand for your review!
Absolutely! References can be furnished upon request. Reviews will be found here on our website, on social media, and can be furnished in print if you prefer!

Please do! You can see what we are up to, what we are about, and see some satisfying before and after photos! Our page is

Employee FAQs

Integrity Home & Pet Care is passionate about ensuring that all cleaning technicians have gone through appropriate screening. We have a six-point employee quality check model.

  • Thorough resume review
  • Phone interview
  • In-person interview
  • Required reference checking
  • Background check which includes a thorough national, state, and local inspection of their record. As well as the sex offender registry, motor vehicle report, and global watch list!
  • 90 day probationary period with intensive, hands-on, detailed training!
As Integrity Home & Pet Care grows, we are adding more and more training opportunities to our curriculum. Training is an ongoing process, but we take pride in our knowledgeable technicians!
Consistency is SO important. The same team lead will be assigned to a home. This will ensure that a leader will know the home very well, provide consistent instruction to all team members, expectation is set, and accountability is in place!
Communication is the center of our culture! If there is anything we can improve, do better, or change to better suit your needs, just ask! Whether it is sending a different team member, changing how we service your home, or changing your service dates!
When we come for a free consultation, we always ask questions like “are there any fragile/breakable items that we should avoid cleaning near or around?” One of our favorite sayings is “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!” We always ask that we be warned ahead of time if there are any fragile, generational items in the home. Either put them away while we are at your home, or instruct us to completely avoid the object! We are very conscientious and careful, but we want to prevent accidents from happening!

However, accidents can happen, and Integrity Home & Pet Care takes pride in being honest and forthright. Anytime that something is amiss, we will always communicate with you and correct the problem. We have liability insurance to cover any damages, or will reimburse/replace an item ourselves! We have never had to file a damage claim, but we are prepared!

The Integrity Home & Pet Care team has been carefully and selectively chosen. The likelihood of this taking place is very minimal! However, should this situation arise, please communicate with management concerning this matter.
No, children or pets of employees are not allowed on work sites! Professionalism is a requirement, and prioritizing and focusing on your home while we clean is the best example of professionalism we can think of!

Payment FAQs

Yes! We offer a 10% off discount for families who have served in our military! Thank you for your service!

Yes, we take pride in providing our team members with fair compensation. Cleaning is a very physically demanding job, requires attention to detail, and great care – we want our team members to be happy with their earnings! On top of their competitive rate of pay, they also receive 100% of the tips you send!
Integrity Home & Pet Care offers a referral program. For every referral, you receive 10% off your chosen clean. Some clients like to hold onto their 10% until it’s time for a deep clean to maximize savings. You can stack these discounts as well! So if you recommend three clients and they book service, that’s 30% off you can use!

Also, for every referral that your referral sends our way, that’s an additional 5% off of your service! It’s the gift that keeps giving!

Tips are encouraged and greatly appreciated! Feedback and tips tell our teams that we are meeting and exceeding your expectations!
Yes. We send an email confirmation three days prior to service, a text confirmation one day prior to service, and an “on the way” message. If the client has not made any attempts to contact us, and we are unable to access the property, a 50% fee will be charged.
In order to discourage last minute cancellations, we implement a 50% cancellation fee. However, we understand that life happens! If you are experiencing a true emergency, please reach out to us and we will waive the fee!
All earnings are reported and handled legally and appropriately!
Cash, check, credit cards, or Venmo can all be used to pay for your clean!
Payment is due once service is completed. If the check is not on site, please arrange with management to pay via invoice or Venmo!
Please reach out within 48 hours of service to report any flaws. Please supply details and photos if possible! We want to ensure it is documented so we can use it as a training tool! We will come back to correct the errors! If complaints are received after 48 hours of service or are missing details/photos, we cannot honor the warranty on our work
If we are charged a returned check fee as a result, that will be added onto the bill and we will request that you pay with another form of payment!

Household Policies FAQs

Absolutely! As long as this pet is friendly and eventually settles down so we can perform our duties effectively!

We are a family friendly, G-Rated company. Children and pets are encouraged to enjoy their own home on their own terms. Rest assured you will never hear unprofessional or lewd speech from any of our team members.

Not at all! We are accustomed to working around busy families, pets, elderly family members, and the general hustle and bustle that comes with most households. We are flexible, and will do our best to accommodate your needs in the environment you provide!
If you work from home, please just provide us with instructions on where you would like us to start our clean so we can best serve you. We do have vacuums, and they can be a bit noisy. If this does not bother you, we can perform our duties just like normal! We will try to be as quiet as possible while you focus on your work!
This is different from home to home, and is purely based on preference! We accept keys, codes, lock box instructions, or being let in for your cleaning appointment! We will ask your preferences during our consultation to figure out what best suits your household!
Having integrity means more than just being honest and upholding high quality standards, it means that we prioritize the privacy and dignity of you, your family, and your home. We will never disclose health concerns, hardships, personal information, engage in neighborhood gossip, or jeopardize your reputation. Your family privacy is safe with Integrity Home & Pet Care.
Absolutely! Also, during the consult process, we will provide you with a form to give consent to post these photos. If you’re uncomfortable with any photos being taken, simply decline signing! The power is in your hands here!

Chemicals FAQs

We use high quality, EPA regulated cleaning products. We have eco-friendly options as well as more traditional brands to tackle those tough areas that need something stronger. If you’re concerned about which products we use, we are more than happy to acquire your preferred items or use cleaners you provide!
We like to maintain consistency. Unless there are supply shortages or issues, we use the same products time after time. If you’d prefer we change something, just let us know!
Some of our products do have fragrances! If you have any sensitivities, please let us know and we can use scent free alternatives!
Yes, and we have all the Safety Data Sheets for each cleaning product we use in your home. These Safety Data Sheets are government mandated informational tools that are used to clarify how a product is supposed to be used, its properties, warnings, and safe handling instructions!
Absolutely. Any special requests or instructions will be made note of during the consultation process! We are happy to use what you’re most comfortable with!

Working Days/Hours Policies – FAQs

We price our services by the job since every home is different!
We offer pet sitting and some special project options!
We do not work on any major holidays. Easter, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Thanksgiving are all holidays we observe and want to be with our families!
No, we will request to move your appointment to the day before or after!
Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
You may reach out anytime, but a response is guaranteed no later than the next business day during normal operation hours.
We try to make your schedule as consistent as possible! If you schedule recurring service, your dates will automatically populate based on the frequency you choose. For instance, if you choose biweekly maintenance on Tuesdays, your service will be every other Tuesday unless there is a major holiday. We also try to maintain the same time slot, but there may be slight deviations. You will always receive confirmations 3 days prior to service and 1 day prior to service detailing the date and approximate arrival window!

Special Projects – FAQs

We do not do set up, but we will happily clean up after your celebrations!
Yes, we do clean dishes at an additional cost.
Yes, unless you instruct otherwise, we will empty the dishwasher while we are in your home to clean.
If communicated in advance, we are happy to defrost freezers to deep clean them for move out cleans.
Yes, we charge by the load. We are more than happy to wash, dry, and fold your clothing. Have a preference on how to fold them? Let us know!
Deep cleaning appliances are an add-on service. It will not be on a rotational schedule unless you ask and it’s incorporated into our service agreement.
Yes! We offer drop in, overnight, and field trip services for your pets! Call and ask for more information!
If there is a need, please ask and supply instructions! We are happy to keep your leafy friends in good shape!
It’s one of our specialties!
Not professionally, but we can refer you to a professional! We don’t mind spot cleaning for you, but we leave the big tasks to the carpet pros!
We do not conduct any maintenance on hot tubs as this is a liability.
We can clean windows as long as they are within reach on a four foot ladder with an extension pole!
Integrity Home & Pet Care is a residential cleaning service. We do not currently offer commercial cleaning at this time.