The purpose of this policy is to limit the terms in which a client is allowed to cancel or reschedule without penalty. This policy will enable us to better manage the reservation slots and make clients aware of what constitutes a valid cancelation.

Policy Statement

In the event that a client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, forty-eight (48) hours’ notice is required. Notice may be given by email, SMS (text), or phone. Should the client fail to give forty-eight (48) hours’ notice, the client must pay 50% for the canceled cleaning first offense and 100% of the fee for canceled cleanings thereafter. Canceling more than three (3) cleanings annually without prior approval of Integrity Home & Pet Care, will be deemed a material breach and allow Integrity Home & Pet Care the option to terminate service or implement a new pricing agreement if service is to be continued.

In the event that Integrity Home & Pet Care needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, twenty-four (24) hours’ notice will be given to the client. If circumstances outside of our control result in a last minute cancelation or a rescheduled appointment, Integrity Home & Pet Care will honor a 25% discount on the follow up service.

We also reserve the right to implement a 50% cancelation fee if the home is inaccessible upon arrival and the client cannot be reached. Arriving to a home with no running water, power, and/or hazardous conditions such as insect infestation, dangerous amounts of mold, fecal matter, or heavy urine soil will also result in a 50% cancelation fee. Integrity Home & Pet Care values the safety of all its cleaning technicians. Ensuring the environment being cleaned is safe and sanitary is a top priority.

Last minute cancelations due to emergencies outside of the client’s control need to be communicated before the cleaning technicians arrive onsite to avoid paying a penalty. Integrity Home & Pet Care understands emergencies happen and waiving cancelation fees for emergencies will be handled on a case by case basis at the manager or owner’s discretion.

Appointment confirmations will be sent three (3) days prior to service via email, and one (1) day prior via SMS text messaging. This will enable clients to be prepared and informed ahead of time should a service need to be canceled or rescheduled.